Light Grid | Type LS

The LS light grid is our “all-rounder” for many applications. Our customers use it in the field of logistics, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and packaging technology, among others.


Compared to the predecessor model LA, the LS light grid has an extended monitoring range and optimized blind areas. It can be individually configured and, thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be integrated even in limited spaces.

The LS light grid is operated with 24 VDC. It has 2 short-circuit proof push/pull outputs, which can be used as PNP as well as NPN. The product is pre-configured at the factory. Range adjustment is automatic with self-tuning. Diagonal beams can be activated and allow a higher monitoring density.

An innovative highlight is the circuit-controlled function selection through supply voltage polarity. Two different device profiles can be selected via changing the polarity of the supply voltage. Thus it is possible to switch easily between two monitoring ranges or light/dark switching logic, without having to load different configuration parameters into the controller.


– Door and gate monitoring

– Conveyor technology

– Process control

– Throw-through monitoring

– Access control

– Presence monitoring

– Position detection


Do you have questions about technical details or possible applications? Contact us or configure your individual product here.


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