• 6. July 2023

Company bike – the sustainable alternative

Biking to work or a private tour through the mountains? We support our employees.

DUOmetric AG now offers its employees company bike leasing. With this, we not only want to offer them an environmentally friendly alternative to the car, but also expand our company health management. The batteries of the e-bikes can be charged for free at our location in Graben. The required electricity is generated sustainably by a photovoltaic system on our production hall. This means that nothing stands in the way of a climate-neutral commute.

Through company bike leasing, we give our employees the opportunity to actively contribute to CO2 reduction, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and benefiting from the tax advantages of the company bike.

Daily exercise outside surrounded by fresh air is not only good for the body, but also contributes to a healthy mind. If you can also make your contribution to environmental protection in the process, you feel twice as good.

This offer has been very well received so far and the first e-bikes have also been received.