LCU - LED Control Unit

Customized signaling and lighting in machines and systems


  • Interactive lighting
  • Display and tracking of defined objects
  • Visualization of height control at conveyor lines
  • Worker guidance at picking points
  • Signaling at picking stations
  • Clear optical warning in case of wrong picking




  • Each LED or segment individually controllable
  • Various digital LED strips can be used
  • Industry compliant
  • Easy commissioning
  • Data communication monitoring
  • Individual configurability
  • Pre-parameterized devices on request
  • Configurable error display


Power supply voltage: 24 Vdc or 5Vdc
Data interface: RS-485
Refresh rate: up to 20 Hz
L / W / H (mm): 185/110/55
Housing protection type: IP65
Number of LEDs per LCU (max): 512 (RGBW) or 682 (RGB)
Device addressing: manual / automatic

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