Our new co-worker

We would like to introduce you to our new CNC milling machine, which has been specially adapted to our needs for the production of our profiles. After several weeks of setting up and testing, the machine is now in operation. It enables us to respond even more precisely to your requirements and also to enable more complex applications where we previously had to rely on other suppliers.

  • 15. Feb 2024

Company bike – the sustainable alternative

Our new contribution to company health management and environmental protection - the DUOmetric company bike. Some of our employees have already received their first e-bikes.

  • 06. Jul 2023


DUOmetric AG annual reports are usually sent to registered shareholders in June.

  • 01. Feb 2021

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Donwload our Light Grids documentation and discover the wide variety of options for DUOmetric light grids!


Glossar definiert Fachbegriffe wie Strahlen Bereiche
Definition and explanation of key terms.
Beam blockage Blockage / shadowing of a beam below the set switching threshold
Beam pitch Distance between the centers of two adjacent Photo elements.
Beam spacing Distance between the centers of two adjacent light axes.
Calibration Calculation and power outage safe storage of reference values.
Cycle time Is the time needed to analyze all beams of a light grid once and to process and display the results.
Dark area Area of blocked beams
Dark switching Switching signal is on, if a beam is blocked or the criterion for switching is fulfilled.

Terms also used:  Normally-Open (NO, N/O)

Light area Area of non-blocked beams
Light axis Optical path,  path of the light beam
Light switching Switching signal is on, if the monitoring area is clear or if criterion for switching is not fulfilled.

Terms also used: Normally-Closed (NC, N/C)

Logical beams Total number of light axes (sum of physical and diagonal or crossed beams).
Monitoring area The height of the monitoring area is the distance from first to last beam of the light grid.

Terms also used: Measurement zone, active area

Physical beams Number of photo elements in a transmitter or receiver profile.
Range Distance between transmitter and receiver profiles.
Reference values Reference values are the brightness values at the time of calibration
relative switching threshold Set parameter value below which a beam is interpreted as blocked.

The ratio between signal strength and stored relative value is being used for this analysis.

Resolution Minimum size of the detectable object
Response time Time from beam blockage by an object until switching of the output.
Signal intensity The signal value recorded by the receiver. Also called „brightness level“.
Signal intensity indicators LED C-F on external controllers.
Switching threshold Signal strength below which a beam is interpreted as blocked.


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